LiveScan Technology

LiveScan Fingerprinting refers to the process of capturing fingerprints directly into a digitized format as opposed to traditional ink and paper methods. LiveScan systems have evolved from standalone capture devices to complex systems with integration to multiple databases. Images can now be captured, transmitted to a central location and/or interface with an Automated Fingerprint Identification System (AFIS) for identification processing. The image-capture process features a preview capability, allowing each fingerprint to be displayed real-time during capture, providing immediate verification of quality of the fingerprint image. Cheap Fingerprints is a duly authorized LiveScan Service provider for the State of California. All Fingerprint Technicians in our center are certified by the California Department of Justice. They are highly trained to roll fingerprints and transmit application data electronically for required criminal history background check/clearance. We use Cross Match LiveScan Systems, the latest in computerized LiveScan technology to capture your fingerprints accurately.

Mobile Fingerprint Services

Cheap Fingerprints will be deploying a portable LiveScan Machine throughout Southern California. This will allow us to provide ser-vice to employers and schools that currently send their students and applicants great distances to be fingerprinted. Many of the patrons that visit Cheap Fingerprints travel great distances, sometimes hours to be fingerprinted due to the lack of facilities throughout California. If you are an employer or a school that has a need for your applicants or students to be fingerprinted for their job or license, contact Cheap Fingerprints by phone or e-mail to schedule a visit from our mobile LiveScan Sen,'ice. Why wait for Wvo or three weeks for an appointment, when Cheap Fingerprints can be at your facility at your desired time and place!

Notary Services

Our Notary service offers more than 10 years of experience and expertise as a notary public with a complete wide range of successful notary signings for many different personal, legal and commercial needs. Upon request, we can offer you Mobile Notary Services, yes, we come to you if you need us. Whether you are in your home, office, hospital, or others we'll make sure we get the papework to you and the documents notarized. Our mobile notary services are always prompt, professional and thorough, and of course a last-minute signings are never a problem.